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This is a Sims 2 journal where I hope to share a few things I've made (or found) and write occasionally about the neighbourhoods I play. I've been playing The Sims 2 for a couple of years now and am a frequent poster on the Sims 2 forum at modthesims. My main neighbourhood is Veronaville, but I have lots of CAS Sims and playable townies, so it’s not just the Montys and the Capps.

I'm new to LJ so there may be lots of changes to this layout of this journal as find my way round. Please be patient if it’s a bit of a mess to begin with.

Sims 2

Veronaville Townies Update

I have updated my Download of Veronaville Townies. Keith Cormier, the teenage boy with the yellow t-shirt, was not available when I first uploaded the townies, as he had acne in my game! His acne has now cleared up so I have added him to the Download, which now includes all the Veronaville townies. I have also made him available as a separate download for those of you who have already downloaded the rest.

At the same time I have taken the opportunity to move the actual downloads from Mediafire to Sim File Share, which I feel offers a safer and easier-to-use environment for Simmers.

Happy Simming!
Sims 2

Veronaville Townies to Download

When I thought my Veronaville was terminally corrupted, and I thought I was going to have to rebuild it from scratch, I extracted and cloned all the townies. My plan was to use Tarlia’s clean template, which doesn’t have the townies, but the Veronaville townies are an integral part of my game and quite a few have become playable.

I briefly tried playing Tarlia’s Veronaville without the townies, and frankly I thought it was horrible. Apart from the Summerdreams, the only Sims in it were Montys and Capps, and since they hated each other, all they wanted to do was fight each other. If I took Sims to a community lot, there would inevitably be Montys and Capps fighting in the background. In my opinion Veronaville really needs its townies to make it an interesting place to play. And Maxis gave it an interesting bunch of townies who I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the last two and a half years. So since I’ve extracted them all, and cloned them in Body Shop to make them safe to import into any 'hood, I thought I might as well share them so other people playing Tarlia’s Veronaville can use them. I have given them all to maranatah, and they should shortly appear individually on her LJ. So I’ll do it slightly differently here and make them available as a job lot of them all.

There is unfortunately one exception to that: Keith Cormier is currently suffering from acne in my game, and, if I extract and clone him in that state, I fear he’ll have incurable acne for life. It might even become hereditary! :( So I’ve excluded him for the moment until his acne clears up. I thought it had cleared up, but he had a relapse. Obviously his personal hygiene is not all it could be!

[EDIT 21 May 2016] Keith Cormier has now recovered from his Acne! I have added him to the main download file. But, in case you have previously downloaded all the Veronaville Townies without him, I have added him as a separarate download. So, if you have all the others and just want Keith, click on DOWNLOAD Keith Cormier below.

These Sims are basically the same as the ones that maranatah shares. They are all the same age and wearing the clothes they would be in a new Maxis Veronaville. Genetics have not been corrected, so if Maxis made them with a broken face template, it’s still broken.

To make them into townies in your game, you have to import them into families via CAS. Adults and Elders can be created as single person households, but teens and children have to be added as relations of adults. Once in the game you have to break family ties, change surnames, set personal characteristics not already set in CAS and finally turn them into townies with a teleporter or similar mod. There are several tutorials around including this one saying how to do it. If there is any demand, I’ll publish one saying how I do it, but I’m far too tired tonight! My own way is based on the one by pixel_trade that I just linked to, but using the slightly different mods I have, and providing a little bit more comfort for my Sims while they're being processed -- I always spoil my Sims!

Happy Simming!


DOWNLOAD Keith Cormier